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Are You Prepared to Handle the Next Power Outage in the Asheville area?


  • Keep heating, air conditioning, sump pumps, refrigerators and water heaters operating.

  • Keep lines of communication open (telephone, television, internet)

  • Keep lights, security systems and cash registers running

Don't take your power for granted, be prepared with an Automatic standby generator.


Automatic standby generators take the worry out of power outages. They provide peace of mind for the home and business owner.


Whether you're at home or away, your standby generator is ready to assume control of your electrical needs when a power outage occurs. Within seconds, backup electricity is provided to your home or business, restoring essential items such as lights, climate control, refrigeration, etc.


When utility power returns, the generator automatically shuts down and waits for the next outage.  In the mountains of Western North Carolina, it's always best to be prepared.

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How Do Standby Generators Work?

Once your standby generator has been installed outside of your home or business, the automatic transfer switch is installed next to your main distribution panel.


With an air-cooled system, you identify the circuits you want to protect, then you match those circuits on your distribution panel to the transfer switch's load center. Larger generators may protect all circuits with an appropriate transfer switch.


  • The system provides monitoring of incoming voltage from the utility line around the clock.

  • When utility power is interrupted, the transfer switch senses the problem and signals for the generator to start.

  • The automatic transfer switch will then safely close off the utility line and open a new power line from the generator

  • Within seconds, you home standby system will supply electricity to your pre-selected circuits. When utility line voltage returns, the transfer switch will re-transfer the electrical load back to the utility source and resume monitoring for subsequent utility loss.


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